James Hyland – Dracula’s Guest

Award winning actor James Hyland is back with DRACULA’S GUEST
Based on the works of Bram Stoker
Adapted, Produced and Directed by James Hyland
Based on the bone-chilling works of Bram Stoker,  performers ASHTON SPEAR & JAMES HYLAND take you into the dark heart of Victorian horror to reveal the very meaning of terror and the consequences of collective evil and personal spite. An ancient creature, embittered by the burden of immortality and the intolerance of those who would decry him monster. Alone in his keep, but for the memories of centuries past. A living death that only a vampire could understand. Or perhaps a special guest or two. Providing they can live long enough to survive their host’s unique hospitality and his deliberate attempts to drive them insane.

“Hyland, commands and dominates the stage from the beginning. His powerful beguiling voice has you jumping in your seats on many occasions… The strong physical performance between Hyland and Spear was breathtaking at times… Sitting in the front row there was a genuine feeling of unease when Hyland came too close. It’s extremely unlikely he would have broken the fourth wall and spoken to the audience directly but the energy and tension levels were running high from his performance as Dracula that anything would have been possible. Adapted and directed by Hyland as well it is evident throughout the performance that he understands every twist and turn that is taken.”
Rating: ★★★★★
~Elaine Chapman, Theatre, Films and Art Reviews