Covid Information


To keep our audience feeling safe and secure we will be retaining 80% cabaret style seating for September.

There are now two rows of single seats which will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. You can book these seats together – On the website click on the first seat you require – click through until you are asked to ‘continue booking’ – go back in and buy a second (and subsequent) seat(s). There is also one wheelchair space with up to two carer/friends spaces available

Mask wearing and social distancing will be observed according to the latest government rules at the time of entry

The following covid secure caveats will be in place for the venue until further notice:

  1. Masks must be worn when entering and while moving around the building, but not during performance, unless you wish to
  2. Before entry to the building your temperature will be taken – if it is over 37.9C you will be refused entry.
  3. Sanitize hands before entering the main area
  4. Only one person in the toilet area at a time
  5. The bar is now open. Interval drinks can be pre ordered
  6. If you have booked a ticket but feel unwell, or live with anyone who has been told to isolate or who has been diagnosed with covid 19 in the previous two weeks – PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND.
  7. We will need to keep doors open during the performance to allow air to circulate– so please bring suitable clothing as there might be a draft