Jazz – The Moondancers


Legendary guitarist John Parker is back with a new line up – The Moondancers 

Natasha Hodge (vocals)
Natasha has been singing on the jazz scene for a while and has the perfect voice for a raunchy “Hard Hearted Hannah” or a heartfelt “Alfie” so we can look forward to a wide variety of jazz to satisfy the most discerning palette.

Vernon Leyton (Bass)
He’ll be providing the bedrock for our performance he’s played in a variety of bands over the years and has proved to be a reliable member for the ensemble.

Tony Radford (sax)
Tony will be the icing on the cake having known this man over forty years I know he won’t disappoint with lyrical solos and support for the rest of us.

John Parker (Gtr)
On the local jazz scene for many years as mainly a side man providing adequate rhythm playing for the rest of the band.