Thursday 6 April 2023, 7:30pm

A play written by and starring Paul Richards.
Paul Richards is a drummer/drum teacher, comedy writer/performer (for theatre), playwright and novelist based in Cambridge. 41, lanky, can’t grow a beard. Likes to talk about himself in the third person.
As a writer/performer he has taken countless (well, 34) shows to the Edinburgh Fringe, tours the UK frequently going through quite a lot of cars and has had some quite nice reviews in the process. He talks very fast, usually about his love of Ginsters slices and often tries to justify it all as theatre.
A ground-breaking one-man piece of comedic theatre that asks a simple question: Is it possible to please everyone, all of the time? And at what cost to your family and health? In this fast and frenetic comedy, award-winning writer/performer Paul Richards explores our need to please, and why it’s sometimes healthy to, every now and then, just sit in a shed and play Subbuteo by yourself, eating biscuits and listen to
Meat Loaf.
The show ran at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2019 to critical acclaim. A run in the heart of London’s West End followed in early 2020, with the show also being performed at the Brighton Fringe, Reading Fringe, Barnstaple Theatrefest and Swindon Fringe the summer before. A full UK tour followed, before a triumphant return to Edinburgh in 2022.
The show is currently being developed into a feature film, directed by Jonathan Howard for Screenlooker Productions,