Drama Double Bill: To Hell in a Handbag and The Mermaid’s Song

Thursday 10 & Friday, 11 October 2019 19:30

A drama double bill

To Hell in a Handbag

Two minor characters from Oscar Wilde’s comic masterpiece
The Importance of Being Earnest – a country rector and a governess, models of Victorian propriety in public. But in private? This is the play behind the play: a tale of blackmail, embezzlement and false identity.A subversively funny new take on a theatrical classic

The Mermaid’s Song

Professional storyteller Justine de Mierre presents her one-woman storytelling show – an epic tale of a Mermaid separated from her kind at birth, journeying from Essex estuary to Scottish islands and beyond. Both comic and tragic, The Mermaid’s Song is a new story fashioned around the bones of a traditional tale and explores family, love, sex, violence, betrayal, friendship and the experience of being “other” “